Privacy Policy Of This Website Shows For Visitors

Privacy Policy Of This Website Shows For Visitors

I am going to disclose privacy policy with all of you publicly. So on this site from where I get information regarding Latest Jobs especially Pakistan Latest Jobs. It will notify you in the following.

1.     This information is collected from different sources like to authentic sources Educational and Non-Educational organization.
2.     So from all over Pakistan authorized Organization, News Papers and other media sources
3.     This website remains in boundary and fulfills the Google privacy rights and Policy
4.     This site also fulfills the privacy and policy for viewers those come on our site.
5.     We can say with hundreds of percent shorty on this website only organic data shared with you.
6.     This is very important to inform you that this website is a partner with Google Ad Sense and we cannot be held accountable for cookies composed from Google. We believe that Google with its professional delivery of services concentrated.

     So at the end ii hope that you will be satisfied with our service.  I thank the visitors and Google Ad Sense

Your Best and regards,
Faiz Jilani
Email: faizjilanibscs@gmail.com

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