Blogger Basic Setting Title, Description, HTTPS, HTTP And Permission

Blogger Basic Setting Title, Description, HTTPS, HTTP And Permission

Blogger Basic Setting Title, Description, HTTPS, HTTP And Permission

Fundamental Blogger Setting:
If you are a user of a blogger Website and don't using setting so you are on the wrong way. Setting contains on the seven kinds of blogger settings from these "Search Preference" is the SEO setting. All are enlisted below:
1. Basic
2. Post, Comments, and Sharing
3. Email
4. Language and Formating
5. Search Preference
6. Other
7. User Setting
Fundamental Blogger Setting
Basic Blogger Setting

Blogger "Basic" Setting
Title: Basic setting consists of the title where write "edit" click on it and then write title name that will show in your browser Tab
Description: Whenever you search any about any website in Google search you see small text that is infected description Text. In your description section, you can write about your site that any visitor can see. In below image Highlighted
HTTPS: HyperText Transport Protocol Secure this setting is a very important setting because when you create a new blogger site that time it by default comes "NO" and you have to change as "Yes". When you change it as Yes then your website become complete secure.

HTTPS Redirect: When it will On than your website redirect as secure Https://www.example.com and when it will Off then it will redirect as Http://www.example.com it will not secure website
Permission: This consist on blogger Authors and blog reader. In Blogger author setting you can register your email address and in blog reader select "Public".
Search Preference:
The most important setting regarding SEO Search Engine Optimization is the search Preference. If you want to rank your site in Google Search so this setting is most important. In meta description, you should write some keywords that you want index regarding your website.
Errors and redirection:
This setting uses that time whenever first you have indexed your specific URL and after some days you did identify this URL is not good or you want to change it. As the in following image go there.
When you come in "Search Preference" in section errors and redirections you will find "Custom Page Not Found" here click on edit and Past your URL that is giving errors 404 or want change and on the other hand below "Custom redirects" click on edit and past new URL here. This setting is very useful because if first you have been indexed your page in Google search and you are receiving more traffic on this page and when anyone clicks on your old URL that will redirect the old page on a new URL page.
Blogger Basic Setting Indicators
Indicate Basic Setting

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